The Al-Mu'allim Cover

Many people ask me what does the cover represent? It signifies the light of the prophetic message coming to illuminate the night of darkness. This is true for the time of the Prophet (S), when fathers used to bury their daughters alive; when tribal warfare was a daily routine over the most absurd of reasons; when slavery was accepted; when women were seen as chattel to be bought, sold and used; when equality was an unimaginable concept; and when injustice and misery reigned.

This is also true for today, where the world is living in darkness, where the biotech companies put profit before people’s lives, leaving tens of millions to die of Aids in Africa because they can’t afford the extortionate prices the medicine costs; where people are lost, looking for a purpose or for the meaning of this life; where humans’ daily life is that of a ferret on his wheel, toiling for money; where man’s mad worship of money is destroying our habitat, a manifestation of Allah’s saying: Corruption - has manifested itself on the land and in the sea due to what man’s hands have wrought...”; where the strong vanquished the weak; where materialism reigns.

It is our duty in this reality that faces to absorb the light of the prophetic message and to reflect that light onto the society in which we live, so that we can turn this darkness into light insha Allah.

General Comment

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, kindness, generosity and all the du’a you’ve made and continue to make for me. May Allah bless you all and grant us steadfastness and uprightness on the glorious and noble path of Islam.

Final Note

Allah is my witness and knows what is in my heart as I type these words for you, Wallahi, I am very proud to be part of the Ummah of our beloved teacher, prophet and guide: Muhammad Mustafa (SAS) and I am proud of you all. It’s my honour, duty and pleasure to be serving Allah (SWT) alongside all of you!

Please safeguard your Iman and faith by making sure you are in a blessed environment who are fearful of Allah and who will help you with your Islamic development. We must make sure to attend regular Halaqas, Islamic circles of knowledge (gatherings etc), and to always have the understanding that we should always be developing Islamically, i.e. memorising and understanding the Quran, attending circles and blessed gathering which will have righteous people who we can learn and benefit from. May Allah bless you all and may He grant us steadfastness, accept our repentance in Ramadan, forgive our sins, grant us prosperity and guide us to that which pleases Him – Amin Ya Rabb.

Wasalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Sami Yusuf