Islamic Art, whether in the form of calligraphy, tiles, or music is all inspired by divine love and beauty.

Music is a gift from God and is a tool which can be used but also (as it often is) misused. Indeed, nearly all Muslim countries have a rich history of Islamic spiritual music, each with its distinctive sound and flavour.

Unfortunately, due to many reasons,this heritage has long been in decline. It is my sincere wish that this humble album be one of the many artistic endeavours being undertaken to shape a new British-Muslim or Western-Muslim culture.

I also felt obliged and motivated to contribute through this album to the positive efforts already being undertaken by the Muslim community to show the real face of Islam as understood by the majority of Muslims which is one of peace and tolerance.
I hope that this album goes even a short way towards this aim, and I pray that God accepts it.


music version
Features a full range of musical instruments and orchestra alongside superb vocals by Sami and many others. A more contemporary sound.


percussion version
Features percussion based instruments such as the daf for a more traditional sound - alongside vocals from Sami and others.

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